Fran Allegre, musician and craftsman of instruments of the region from Leon.(hurdy gurdy,flute,bagpipes,drums,rabel,harp)

Francisco Javier Pozuelo Alegre (Fran Allegre) Villarejo de Órbigo. 18-February-1977 León -SPAIN- north(beside Galicia, and Asturias)León has similar traditions like asturian, like the northwest of Spain.They share culture, languaje and history since prerroman people. It preserve archaic touches.
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---Dedicated since 1997-1998 to the music, etnography, cultural diffusion and crafts of construction of musical traditional instruments from Leon.
------Craftsman:- of self-taught formation(training), based on the experimentation.
- I construct hurdy gurdy, tree holes flutes, tamborines, bagpipes from Leon, rebecs, whistles, tambourines square, harps.
- I investigate constant the reform and improvement of the above mentioned instruments in designs, final touches, but I do also reproductions based on ancient or traditional instruments. Final touches and current, or traditional forms.
- I do didactic workshops of music and traditional instruments from Leon in colleges and institutes. The theoretical part is based on the explanation of the instruments that I construct (production(elaboration), final touches, sounds) with the hearing of each one of them seeing different traditional paces, at the time that there is done a small walk along the musical history speaking about some representations of instruments. Ultimately there will be done a small hearing of different types of music based on the traditional one, in order that there could feel the pupils that there are no limits in the musical creacción. They can have practical part besides theoretical with the accomplishment of a small instrument of simple construction.

------Musician: - of self-taught formation(training) I touch all the instruments, except the whistling and the tamborín, in that Lucas Simón initiated the tamboritero of Below(Down). - I compose own songs, gather, by means of studies of field, traditional compositions from Leon, and devote myself also to his(her,your) diffusion. - I collaborated with the group of theatre of street "Batárnu" of Paterno. For what moves to Sicily (Italy)for the participation in the medieval days that there were organized.- I was a member of the group of regional dances "La Barbacana", with that I recorded three topics of the CD " Son de Ribera ".- I recovered(played) the post(cargo) of musician and collaborator, for the programs of university radio: " Culture with @" "The Filandero ". Dial 106.
- Creator of a small musical part for the documentary realized in León's city " Sefarat, ways and life " burdened for Israeli Margalit Matitiahu, in León, and of a song for the program "Chosen" of " la sexta " TV channel, and for advertisement of León's Diary in Tv León.
Music "Enramadas" for the documental "Río Órbigo" of the diary press"La Crónica de León".
Song for "Camín de Cantares" of Asturian Public TV.
- I collaborate with other musicians, and artists (accomplishment of recitals of poetry(poem), stories with musical effects, filandones ...) - Charter member of the duo of folk from Leon " Sueñu na veiga ", (in 2003, 21conciertos realized; 19 of them in León, 1 in Madrid, and 1 in Burgos) Nowadays in process of change with members' new incorporation (Acordeón, traditional percussion, voice, violin, guitar, and bagpipe.) (To the list of instruments that do the sound of the group, it is necessary to add those that I construct; It(He,She) hisses, tamborín, bagpipe from Leon, rebec, zanfoña, harp, tambourine cuadrao.) the digest will be basically of folk of the regions from Leon arranged, though are added some own(proper) topics of popular inspiration.
- I play in solitarily doing concerts with all the instruments that I construct (It(He,She) hisses, tamborín, bagpipe from Leon, rebec, zanfoña, harp, tambourine cuadrao), besides with violin, doing music tracicional of the regions from Leon. I have equipment(team) própio sound. The action(performance) is suitable for all the public ones since it becomes pleasant on having touched several instruments. Concerts, significant actions(performances) in localities of Madrid, Burgos, Sicily (Italy), La Rioja, Guadalajara, Soria, Zamora, Valladolid, Salamanca, Bilbao, Cerdeña(Italy), Évora(Portugal)Ludwigstain, Witzenhausen, Fürstenhagen(Germany),etc. Actions(performances) promoted by public institutions (CyL's Meeting, Agencies of development, Town halls, Colleges, Institutes, etc) or private roads (popular Radio(Radius), Group Batarnú, etc).
- I prepare other projects as the creation of a group of merger folkleonés-metal.
-Record of topics of own(proper) composition in my study of computer with the instruments that I construct. (Cd of 10 songs: "Nel Caminu")
-Record of Traditional Lullabies sons with own personal arrangements: "Nel Briezu" 2012.
 - I stir into action musically holidays(parties), weddings, processions, fiandones, cuentacuentos and dawns.
---STUDIES - title(degree) of Graduate, Bachelor, C.O.U and selectivity.-Course(year) of Acupuncture and moxibustión of small stone, in the High school of Technologies(Skills) Parasanitarias of León.-knowledge of computer science to user's level (I practise the writing) and Internet: Windows Xp, Microsoft Word, Cubase (musical Gravaciones), Photosoft ...-English basic spoken and written.
- I Am interested in the knowledge and conservation of the nature to all the levels.
- Interested in the traditional culture, especially in the From Leon one.
- I realize ethnographic studies and gravaciones of field and publish articles in recognized means: (Cultures, Academia de la llíngua Asturiana: " The Culture of the wine in Villareyu d'Órbigu and Santibañe de Valdeiglesias " y " Parties in the town of Villareiyu d'Órbigu ""Fishing in some towns of Órbigo"(next). Magazine Gandaya:Artículos on instruments From Leon. Diary of León:Poemas, etc)
- Book's publications:"Poemas pa nun ser lleidos". Editions Filandón in 2008. "Sentir, y nun sentir sentire", theatre, autoedition 2012. Poems antology "Deixando'l cuerpu" 2015.
- I am interested in all kinds of art, and I practise basically poetical writing.
- Study and investigation(research), formation(training) continued from the year 1995 of a basically self
-Taught way in everything what it(he,she) has to see with my current activities.
- I practice photography .

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